Riding the Tide of Water & Infrastructure Progress

Tapping into innovative, sustainable solutions to ensure clean water access and resilient infrastructure.

Ensuring access to clean water and resilient infrastructure is paramount in a world grappling with climate-related vulnerabilities. Recognized as the next frontier in sustainable solutions, water technology is capturing the attention of investors worldwide. Investments in Water and Infrastructure can contribute to SDGs 6 and 14. For SDG 6, by developing new technologies for water purification, treatment and management. Contribution to SDG 14 can be achieved by supporting the promotion of circular economy practices as well investing in scientific research, monitoring and data collection of marine ecosystems.

Revolutionizing Industries with DeepTech & Robotics

Bold 2 Disrupt is at the cutting-edge, driving innovations that will define our future.

Deep Tech startups focus on innovations stemming from significant engineering or scientific breakthroughs. They operate in sectors like agriculture, life sciences, and green energy, with fields like AI, advanced materials, robotics and quantum computing rapidly transitioning from research to market applications. By investing in this domain, we aim to achieve SDGs 9 and 11. This can be done through investments in technology transfer and innovation hubs to foster development and deployment of technologies supporting economic growth and social development.

Advancing Health & Lifescience for a Healthier World

Bold 2 Vita is propelling advances in HealthTech, driving a global health revolution.

Investments in Health and Life Sciences are gaining momentum as a prominent investment trend due to several interconnected factors. Emerging technologies such as bioprinting, genomics, and smart devices are driving revolutionary advances in HealthTech, while also presenting promising opportunities for investments. As we invest in this domain, we contribute to SDGs 3 and 15. They can be achieved through investments in medical research and development, upgrading facilities, telemedicine technologies and awareness programs

Empowering Minds and Bodies for Inclusive Future

Bold 2 Leap is democratizing education and sports, strengthening social cohesion and human capital development.

Investing in startups focused on education or sports, or leveraging technology to democratize learning, strengthens social cohesion and human capital development. By investing in this domain, we contribute to SDGs 3, 4 and 10. They can be achieved through investments in access to technology and digital learning, health promotion and education, social investments and welfare programs that help reduce inequalities.

Building the PropTech & Housing of Tomorrow

Bold 2 Urbanize is reshaping urban living with cutting-edge PropTech solutions.

As cities expand, there's a growing need for smarter ways to design and manage housing. PropTech offers solutions, helping us to create more sustainable buildings, provide affordable housing options, and use technology for better city planning. The property sector is currently undergoing big changes, thanks to these innovative tech approaches. When we invest in this sector, we're supporting SDGs 9, 10, and 11. SDG 9 promotes better infrastructure and encourages innovation. SDG 10 aims to reduce inequalities in our societies. Meanwhile, SDG 11 is all about making cities more sustainable and safer for everyone.

Powering The Clean Energy Transition

Bold 2 Energize is propelling the world towards a renewable energy future.

The urgent need to transition to renewable energy sources and mitigate climate change necessitates disruptive innovations at a global scale. Both governments and investors seem to acknowledge this reality as investments in energy and climate are rising. When we invest in this sector, we support SDGs 7 and 13. They can be achieved by developing and scaling up renewable energy sources, investing in energy-efficient technologies that contribute energy consumption and gas emissions and by supporting nature-based solutions such as reforestation and conservation of ecosystems.

Decoding Tomorrow with AI & Web3

Bold 2 AIvolution is at the forefront of technology, integrating AI & Web3 to redefine industries.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the emerging Web3 technologies are reshaping industries and redefining data privacy issues. These new developments begin a new and faster than ever cycle of software innovation - both by integrating new AI features into existing products, and by creating new AI ones. We see this happening both in new markets and more “mature” areas. By investing in this domain, we address SDGs 1, 7 and 8. AI & Web3 technologies contribute to financial inclusion, transparency, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. This aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of poverty eradication, accountability, economic prosperity, and climate action.

Shaping a Sustainable Financial Future

Bold 2 Prosper is redefining the financial landscape with transparency and sustainability at its core.

Sustainable finance considers environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in investment decisions. Companies are promoting green finance through products aligned with these principles, and sustainable finance firms collaborate with partners to ensure transparency and accountability. By investing in this sector, we support SDGs 3 and 8. Contribution to SDG 3 can be achieved by upgrading healthcare infrastructure, investing in research and development, and supporting preventive initiatives. Contribution to SDG 8 can be achieved by facilitating access to finance for small companies, marginalized groups and underserved communities.

Sustainable Innovation in Production & Industry

Bold 2 Build is revolutionizing industries with sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Amid calls for responsible consumption and production, startups in this domain spearhead sustainable manufacturing practices. By fostering eco-friendly materials, circular economy models, and energy-efficient production processes, we drive positive impact across industries. By investing in this sector, we support SDGs 8 and 9. Contribution to SDG 8 can be achieved by supporting the growth of businesses that prioritize environmental and social sustainability, and that are key drivers of job creations and economic growth. SDG 9 objectives can be achieved by investing in clean technologies, digitalization, and business models based on promoting efficiency recycling and waste reduction.

Accelerating Agri & FoodTech Transformation

Bold 2 Terra is empowering a food-secure future, promoting sustainable solutions in the agritech space.

With the challenges posed by population growth and climate change, startups are bringing forward innovations to transform the way we grow, distribute, and consume food. Investing in this sector aligns with SDGs 2, 12, and 13, which aim to promote sustainable agriculture, ensure responsible consumption, and address the impacts of climate change.