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Bold 2 is an innovative investment product, connecting investors with high-potential startups for impactful, sustainable investments across 10 growth domains and industries.

We are investing in 100,000 startups before 2030 to support reaching the UN's SDGs in time.

Since 2010, we invested in over 1600+ startups worldwide with the aim of empowering innovators across the globe. Two years ago, we decided to take our vision to the next level with the goal of investing in 100,000 startups. This is to ensure we reach the Sustainable Development Goals within the specified timeline.

Why 100.000? To solve the most pressing sustainable development goals, the world will need 100,000 startups in the next 10 years. The analysis is born from the fact that in the next 10 years, 1.2 million startups will be born globally; with 8% (100.000) of them being nudged, supported, invested on, we believe that these companies and their business models can make the change needed to reach the UN’s SDGs before 2030.

Join us as a co-investor to make an impact and returns.

Lowering the risk level of early-stage startups investments

As the #1 Startup Accelerator across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, & South America, we know a thing or two about early-stage startups. We've developed a proven model that lowers risk and maximizes returns for our investors.

Our rigorous selection process ensures that only the most promising startups, with the highest potential for growth and impact, make it into our accelerators. And once they're in, our world-class mentors, partners, and alumni network provide unparalleled support and guidance to help them succeed.

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Startupbootcamp is the driving force behind Bold 2. Since 2010, we have been empowering innovators to change the world. We were one of the first European acceleration platforms, and now operate across 4 continents with over 80 startup accelerators.


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Personalize Your Investment Journey with Bold2

Whether you choose to invest in one, several, or all industries, Bold 2 allows you to create a portfolio that aligns with your financial ambitions and impact vision.

With Bold 2 we present not just investment opportunities, but the chance to personalize your portfolio across 10 vibrant Growth Domains and industries. Reflecting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our verticals range from AI & Web3 to Energy & Climate, offering a chance for you to mix, match, or dive deep into specific industries.

Discover the possibilities within each domain, and how they come together to create the perfect investment portfolio for you.

Bold 2 Aqua

Bold 2 Aqua propels water and infrastructure progress, tapping into sustainable solutions for a water-secure world.

Bold 2 Disrupt

Bold 2 Disrupt pushes the boundaries of DeepTech & Robotics, translating scientific breakthroughs into revolutionary market applications.

Bold 2 Vita

Bold 2 Vita champions groundbreaking advances in HealthTech, leveraging bioprinting, genomics, and emerging innovations for a healthier world.

Bold 2 Leap

Bold 2 Leap champions inclusive growth by democratizing education and sports, fostering social cohesion.

Bold 2 Build

Bold 2 Build drives industry transformation, promoting sustainable innovation and eco-friendly production practices.

Bold 2 Energize

Bold 2 Energize is catalyzing the shift to renewable energy, championing solutions for a climate-resilient future.

Bold 2 Prosper

Bold 2 Prosper is leading the change in shaping a transparent and accountable sustainable financial landscape.

Bold 2 Urbanize

Bold 2 Urbanize is pioneering sustainable urban futures, revolutionizing housing with innovative PropTech solutions.

Bold 2 AIvolution

Bold 2 AIvolution is decoding tomorrow, harnessing AI & Web3 to reshape industries and champion data privacy.

Bold 2 Terra

Empowering a food-secure future, Bold 2 Terra accelerates sustainable agritech innovations in the face of climate challenges.

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Learn your investment potential with our ROI Calculator. This tool allows you to gauge the potential returns on your investments within Bold 2's strategic verticals.

Simply enter your investment amount to calculate a customized projection of returns. It's a seamless way to visualize the impact of your investments, ensuring your strategy aligns with your financial goals

Accelerating Success:
A Testimonial on Startupbootcamp's Impact

“At Javest Investment Fund, we firmly believe in the necessity of rapid progress for startups, given the fast-paced development of technologies and competitive markets. Startupbootcamp stands out as the quintessential accelerator, compelling startups to accelerate at the highest possible speed.”


Director at Javest Investment Fund

"Startupbootcamp is crucial for investors because it has shown us how to decipher the entrepreneurial code, leading to a reduction in startup failures across their portfolio. By doing so, they've learned to enhance the Internal Rate of Return (IIR) compared to a standard random group. Essentially, Startupbootcamp has crafted a process that achieves significant outcomes."


American entrepreneur and educator

"We invest with Startupbootcamp because we value the importance of first-class mentorship and networks in an accelerator program, supporting startups in their crucial early stages. In the first edition of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam in 2012, we saw firsthand how the accelerator effectively guided startups to raise over EUR 2 million in (pre)seed capital from angel and VC investors within just three months."


Co-founder of NTSU Fund

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Leverage personalized investment briefings, strategic insights, and detailed sector reports crafted by our expert analysts.

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We daily come across so many great investment opportunities at Startupbootcamp, that we decided to launch our Raising Stars newsletter. In this newsletter, we share some of the best startups currently fundraising, both part of our portfolio and outside.

Raising Stars provides you with exclusive access to a handpicked collection of investment opportunities. Whether you're seeking to diversify your portfolio or identify groundbreaking innovations, our newsletter delivers the insights and connections you need.