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Since 2010, we have been empowering innovators to change the world.

Startupbootcamp helps the world's most promising startups build a sustainable global business, our multi-faceted accelerators combine deep industry expertise with extensive insights from the startup ecosystem.

We were one of the first European acceleration platforms, and now operate across 4 continents with over 80 startup accelerators.

We believe the future belongs to those who solve the world’s biggest problems.

Startupbootcamp provides investors the ability to invest in the tech winners of tomorrow, today.

Join hundreds of angel investors, family offices and corporates that invested in 1,600 startups through Startupbootcamp since 2010.

The realised and unrealised returns are a MOIC of 8.3. Each investment gives access to a portfolio of startups with leading edge technologies and business models.

The portfolio approach helps de-risk your investment compared to investing in individual startups.

In 2022, Startupbootcamp launched the Bold Action project, successfully raising €6 million through an IPO to invest in the first 90 out of 100.000 startups. As a vanguard of innovation, we continue our mission of addressing global challenges while nurturing entrepreneurial spirit.
For SBC Bold 2, our commitment is to invest in 300 high potential startups across 10 distinct Growth Domains. The accelerators are part of a bigger endeavor where - together with our partners and investors - we’ll further build on the largest sustainable innovation ecosystem in the world.

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Startupbootcamp is the driving force behind Bold 2. Since 2010, we have been empowering innovators to change the world. We were one of the first European acceleration platforms, and now operate across 4 continents with over 80 startup accelerators.


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The first startup accelerator listed on the stock exchange

In 2019, Startupbootcamp made history by listing its first Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) on the stock exchange, marking a pioneering move for startup accelerators globally. This achievement underscores our commitment to democratizing startup investments, breaking down the traditional barriers that have limited such opportunities to high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors.

By opening our doors to a broader audience, we're not just inviting investment; we're building a community of supporters eager to partake in the early-stage ventures that are shaping our future. This milestone is a testament to our belief that everyone should have the opportunity to invest in and support groundbreaking innovation, making it a significant leap towards realizing our mission.

Our Investment Philosophy

At Startupbootcamp, we're committed to investing in founders that are solving real problems for real people. We look for companies that are using technology to disrupt industries, create new markets, and improve people's lives. And we're particularly interested in startups that are addressing pressing global challenges like climate change, powering economies, and financial inclusion.

But we don't just invest in any startup that comes our way. We have a rigorous selection process that includes multiple rounds of interviews, pitch sessions, and due diligence. We only accept the most promising startups with the highest potential for success, and we work closely with them throughout our programs to ensure they have the best possible chance of achieving their goals.

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Angel Cafe

18 March 2024

Organized by Startupbootcamp, Nxchange, Bondex, Business Insider and DAY1, Angel Cafe has established itself as a leading innovative networking event for investors and entrepreneurs. Over the past six editions, we have brought together a vibrant community of passionate start-ups, scale-ups, influential investors and industry experts.

Anyone who is serious about entrepreneurship and investing marks this date in bold letters in their calendar.

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We daily come across so many great investment opportunities at Startupbootcamp, that we decided to launch our Raising Stars newsletter. In this newsletter, we share some of the best startups currently fundraising, both part of our portfolio and outside.

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