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Bold 2 simplifies the journey for investors seeking impactful returns through a unique investment product. Starting with a thorough selection process, we identify startups poised for growth across 10 strategic Growth Domains. Investors can tailor their portfolio by choosing to back individual startups or diversify across multiple domains. Each investment not only offers potential financial returns but also contributes towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Throughout the investment lifecycle, Bold 2 provides detailed performance insights and direct support, ensuring a transparent and rewarding experience.

Investing in an early-stage venture is more than just financial backing.

Acceleration and support necessary to take your investment to the next level.

Our approach is based on three key pillars:

3-Month Industry-Focused Accelerators

Investments at Scale and Diversification

De-Risking and Commercial Acceleration

The first startup accelerator listed on the stock exchange

In 2019, Startupbootcamp made history by listing its first Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) on the stock exchange, marking a pioneering move for startup accelerators globally. This achievement underscores our commitment to democratizing startup investments, breaking down the traditional barriers that have limited such opportunities to high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors.

By opening our doors to a broader audience, we're not just inviting investment; we're building a community of supporters eager to partake in the early-stage ventures that are shaping our future. This milestone is a testament to our belief that everyone should have the opportunity to invest in and support groundbreaking innovation, making it a significant leap towards realizing our mission.


Discover Opportunities

Dive into our 10 Growth Domains, each poised to address key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ripe with innovation potential. You're not just choosing verticals; you're exploring future realms of impact and opportunity.


Invest with Ease

Choose to invest in one, several, or all verticals. Our streamlined investment process allows you to diversify your portfolio effortlessly, whether you're looking to invest in specific sectors or spread your investments across multiple domains.


Be Part of the Process

As a valued investor, your insights contribute to shaping our focus areas, ensuring we align with domains that not only promise substantial returns but also drive meaningful change.


Nurture and Grow

Beyond financial support, join our mission by offering mentorship to startups. Your expertise can help shape the next generation of innovation, fostering growth and ensuring the success of your investment.


Stay Informed and Engaged

Receive updates on the selection process, insights into each domain's evolution, and invitations to exclusive events. Your investment journey with Bold 2 is a transparent and collaborative partnership.

One of the Highest Startup Survival Rates in the World.

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The ROI Calculator is provided as a marketing tool for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon for investment decisions. No rights can be derived from the use of this calculator or any projections made herein. Actual investment outcomes may vary, and Bold 2 does not guarantee the accuracy of any projected returns. Investors should conduct their own due diligence and consult with professional advisors before making investment decisions.

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ROI calculator

Learn your investment potential with our ROI Calculator. This tool allows you to gauge the potential returns on your investments within Bold 2's strategic verticals.

Simply enter your investment amount to calculate a customized projection of returns. It's a seamless way to visualize the impact of your investments, ensuring your strategy aligns with your financial goals

Perks for Bold 2 investors

VIP Access to Events

Gain VIP access to our exciting events, including demo days and private pitch sessions.

Mentorship & Impact

Engage directly with the future of entrepreneurship through our mentorship program.

Welcome Package & Dedicated Support

As part of our investment community, you'll receive a comprehensive welcome package designed to introduce you to the Bold 2 ecosystem.

Tailored Growth Insights & Sector Reports

Leverage personalized investment briefings, strategic insights, and detailed sector reports crafted by our expert analysts.

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